Monday, May 5, 2014


isn't life strange?

isn't time strange.

a week ago i was entirely heartbroken and lost.
in a mere few days i have grown roots to the ground i stand on, invested myself in new friends, and new plans for the future.
we have to put parts of ourselves into others. it's the only way to stay sane, it's the only way to find happiness.

share life, and in turn love it.

trying to reset my mind. back to thoughts i had when my time was free, my skin was bare, my mind was blank.
I used to have a lot of days where I’d go on walks and lay about in the garden literally thinking about how strange it is that the grass always grows; that nature is a world apart from us, running on its own time. Never failing to do exactly what it’s supposed to. One time I even cried about it.

We all run on our own time. We don't always do what we're supposed to do. But we can just aways try to do our best. Be our best. Do good. Wonder. Hope. Let the streams and the rivers lead you to the ocean. Just do as the waves do.

You are beautiful.

Monday, May 13, 2013

simple mornings

i moved for the time being, and i post here now:

i just need a bit of a clean start, blank slate, whatever you want to call it.
i'm trying to be more positive, more happy, more graceful.

so that's all over there now.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


"i want to live life through rose-tinted glasses" i said to myself in the mirror this morning.

i've really been trying to stay in the mindset of, 'keep your heart light', 'find beauty in everything you see', and 'find your happy place'.

and my happy place is truly my mind when i feel good.

i had an absolutely perfect day today with freddie. tuesdays are my new favorite.
i woke early and carried on my usual tradition of getting a fresh bagel on a tuesday morning. freddie arrived at 8am, and we spent the day going on a walk to buy fresh flowers, napping, cuddles, big squishy cheeks, and snacking on biscuits and fresh bread.

he is one of the sweetest children i have ever come across (that means a lot!) and i absolutely adore him.

the world was so beautiful today, because of flowers, candles, baby kisses, and freddie.

as well as some snapshots from today, i'm sharing a few more photos i just finished editing.
(see below ~ fresh flowers ~ a sleeping cherub + sheepy the sheep ~ awake baby freddie ~ the cemetery that meets the ocean [my absolute physical happy place] ~ freddie in the bath a couple weeks ago ~ )

look at that sweet face!

those curls! oh, my heart.

{i'm going to be a great mum-blogger one day, right?}


Sunday, March 17, 2013

a rose by any other name..

i'm finally back.
my heart is well on it's way to recovery.

i'm in a daze of pink, and flowers, and delicate fabric, and clouds, and the ocean, and sunlight, and the breeze.
which is silly really, because we're about to go into fall in australia- but my mind is in a 70s springtime and i don't care one bit!

look forward to photos and thoughts of happiness.
(my mama's coming next week...eeep!)

keep your heart light.

Monday, March 4, 2013

empty chairs at empty tables.

work has been really draining the past two weeks, and last thursday i got some really terrible news, so i'm just dealing with everything at my own pace for the time being.

work will settle in the next week or so, and my heart will cope.

i miss singing songs.

bear with me

Saturday, February 23, 2013


at some point, i plan on moving to rome.

or at least staying for an extended period of time. a summer. maybe a couple seasons.
i see myself much too easily walking a crowded cobblestone street, wearing sandals and a wispy dress, my hair is shorter than it is now and pinned back slightly at the sides. i'm wearing sunglasses and holding a notebook and pen, and there are a few coins in my pocket for some gelato on my way home.

see how easy that was?
i can't picture me anywhere else. except maybe ireland.

i love that i'm a dreamer.
i sometimes love my dreams enough to make them reality.
this is one of those.

Friday, February 22, 2013

the wilting pt. 2

sound booth pictures + more set pictures from another member of our group.

also including some photos from this week. i've been babysitting/helping with daycare a whole lot. this week as well as going to tropfest on the weekend!
tropfest was amazing, it was so awesome to see how many people came out to watch and support some magnificent short films. i love all of them!

isaac + elder in the editing suite.

this guy mixed sound for both happy feet movies! amazing.
molly molly molly. truly gorgeous suite.

and now for more set pictures.........

 fixing stuff.

 waiting on power tools 

 camera stuff.

 fixing my set! ;) 

 not cut out to be a grip assitant.

kate and howard.

and, some kiddos from this week.....

 my favorite munchkin elliot!

joe and his 5000 ways to sit on a basketball. 

lucas not having a nap!

alexandra wolf released a few more photos of me :)

that was lengthy. sorry a lot of the pictures are low-quality. iphones only!